EU-Föderung: Data for Cultural Heritage (DIGITAL-2022-CULTURAL-02)




EU Call für Digitalisierung von Kulturerbe mit einem Budget iHv 4 Millionen.

Einreichfrist bis 17. Mai 2022


Es sind Projektförderungen in folgenden drei Kategorien möglich:

1. Enriching the offer of data, tools and services available in the data space, such as access to high quality and high-value datasets, tools, technical knowhow references, knowledge sharing, and other services, with the objective to support digitisation, sustainability and online sharing of digital cultural heritage assets.


2. Using existing Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning systems to improve user-engagement and experience, such as the automatic translation of content or automatic metadata enrichment, improving multilingual aspects, providing adaptive filtering of cultural heritage assets or personalised recommendations.


3. Re-use of, in particular, 3D digitised cultural heritage assets in important domains such as education, social sciences and humanities, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sector.