CAMOC Museums of Cities Review 2017#1


CAMOC, the International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities, was formed in 2005. It owes its origins to the initiative of Moscow City Museum and museum professionals in other countries who felt the need for an international network of colleagues who focus on museums of the city.

The Committee also reflects the growing focus world wide on cities: their economic importance, their spectacular growth, and the problems and possibilities they present. The matters for debate on the city are almost endless: pollution, regeneration, the private car, public transport, the flight to the suburbs, the destruction of heritage, insensitive development. The Committee aims to be at the centre of this debate, not least through supporting and encouraging museums of cities in their work of collecting, preserving and presenting original material on the city’s past, present and future, work which can reinforce the city’s identity and contribute to its development.






The Eduardo VII park, view to the Tagus river. ©