Coordinator for the International Committees, ICOM International, Paris


As part of the 30-headed team of the ICOM Secretariat, the Coordinator for the International Committees has a key position as an intermediary in the secretariat and between the secretariat and the committees. He/she ensures the communication in the association, and the continuity of the work of the committees. He/she supports their boards and helps them to make the activities of the committees visible.


Job description
In the Membership Department of the secretariat, the Coordinator for the International Committees has the following main missions:

Management of the International Committees (ICs) :
•    Develop and follow up on the manual for the management of the ICs
•    Advise and instruct board members of ICs in the management of their committees
•    Support the ICs in the management of their membership
•    Collect and follow up on the Internal Rules of the ICs, carry out a statistical analysis of the data collected;
•    Provide archives to the ICs;
•    Create and follow up on a historical record of each IC;
•    Develop and follow up on a manual for conferences of ICs
•    Develop and follow up on a registration system for conferences of ICs
•    Follow up on the recommendations by the Separate Meeting of the ICs
•    Provide the ICs with the tools for self-assessment (conference evaluations etc.)
Advise the ICs in communication through minisites, social media, newsletters and mailings. All these missions require a close coordination with the Legal and Institutional Affairs Coordinator, the Membership Department, the Management Accountant, the Digital Communication Officer, the Communications Coordinators and other members of the team.

Support to the secretariat:
•    Participates actively in projects of the secretariat, including transversal tasks entrusted by the Director General


Education: Bachelor or Master degree
Experience: international experience in a museum and/or association
Skills: English and French fluent, Spanish desirable
Mastery of office tools
Excellent editorial qualities    Capacities: team spirit, openmindedness, communicative and diplomatic capacities, sense of service and organizational qualities, tenacity


If you are interested in this offer, please, send your application to before 8 March, 2020. Possible interviews are scheduled on 23 March, 2020.