KulturAgenda: Museum Leadership Programme

24. November 2015 - 27. November 2015, Kerschensteiner Kolleg am Deutschen Museum, München, Deutschland

A training programme for young museums and cultural professionals aspiring to become leaders in their institutions/sector and drive forward necessary change.

Kerschensteiner Kolleg am Deutschen Museum
Museumsinsel 1, 80538 München, Munich, Germany


Call for Applications open until June 26th
Application process:
Interested candidates should send

    a letter of intent (1-2 pages only) outlining why they want to participate in the programme
    a short CV (max. 3 pages)
    and briefly describe their current role and responsibilities in the organisation they work for

Deadline of submission is June, 26th

Selection process:
All applications are reviewed by the leadership selection committee and a short list of 16 to 18 candidates will be announced at the end of June/beginning of July.

Find here the call and more Information on this pdf.


The successful museum leadership programme piloted in Slovenia in December last year will have its inauguration as a regular programme which we offer for young aspiring museum leaders at the Deutsches Museum’ Kerschensteiner Kolleg in Munich.

Programme Abstract
Society is changing rapidly which not only has implications on the public role of museums but also in the way we experience and see museums as part of our cultural framework. As a result far-reaching changes to the museum sector are a necessity to make sure museums stay relevant to society. New museum models are developing which are open, communicative, innovative, creative, as well as entrepreneurial and strike the balance between the necessary collecting and preserving aspect of heritage work and the engagement of the public not only as consumers but as active participants.
This also means we have to rethink how our museums are managed and operated and what kind of leadership skills we need to develop. Leadership can play a role at many different levels in museums. It is not just the director at the top of the institution who can motivate staff, we also need visionary leaders who have a creative ambition to share their enthusiasm and inspire staff at all levels.
This programme will introduce young European museums professionals to the complex concept of self-, team- and institutional leadership helping them to explore their own competencies and leadership skills through self- reflection and group activities.


Marilyn Scott, Director The Lightbox (UK)
Dr. Renate Goebl, Deputy Director KulturAgenda (AT)
Jeff Beeson, Director, Entheos Group (US/GER)


Attached files

Organizers: KulturAgenda


€ 850,00

Programme Fee and Accommodation
Fee: 540 € plus 310 € full-board accommodation at the Kerschensteiner Kolleg
Limited spaces (16 maximum)
Travel to and from Munich needs to be arranged individually.


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