KulturAgenda: Museum & Conflict - Excursion to Belfast

4. November 2018 - 7. November 2018, Belfast

KulturAgenda – Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences aspires to offer great-value, professional excursions which are driven by local developments and have a strong interactive component. For this format we usually invite one or more experts in the field to give additional professional input, sometimes from outside the sector to open up the discussions from different angles.


For a long time Northern Ireland has not been on the radar much for its museums and cultural scene. This was certainly largely due to the on-going political conflict which overshadowed cultural development. Now with the Northern Ireland Peace Treaty in place things have changed massively and substantial funding has gone into a regeneration process that was largely driven by culture. Not only is its capital city Belfast a lively community where culture and museums seem to have invented themselves anew also Londonderry has been chosen as the first city for the UK’s version of ‘City of Culture’ with an ambitious year-long events programme.


We want to explore the role of museums in this peace process, want to examine how the conflict is interpreted in exhibitions and programmes and whether this is reflected in the work museums do with and for their communities. The main objectives of this excursion are to get an insight into the Northern Ireland museum and cultural scene, its challenges and opportunities, talk and connect to colleagues, exchange experiences and ideas and promote future collaboration in a wider European context.


Draft Programme Schedule:


Sunday, Nov 4  

Individual travel to Belfast, meet for a city walk mid-afternoon, dinner in the evening


Monday, Nov 5    

Introduction to the North Ireland museums sector;
National Museums Northern Ireland
Troubles Gallery at the Ulster Museum , The Ulster Museum, (winner of the 2010 Arts Fund Price and part of the National Museum of Northern Ireland);
HM Prison Crumlin Road
Pub Crawl in Belfast


Tuesday, Nov 6    

Irish republican History Museum
The Titanic
The MAC (Arts center)
Visit a culture event in the evening


Wednesday, Nov 7    

Day-trip to the Giant’s Causeway with a walk along the coastline
(MA conference starts on Thursday, November 8th)


Programme Fee: 200 EUR (includes entries and day trip to Giant’s Causeway), Participants need to arrange their own travel and meals!
Minimum participants required: 10


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