ICMAH - Annual Meeting 2018

10. Oktober 2018 - 12. Oktober 2018, Istanbul, Turkey



Theme : Museums of Collections of Companies and Institutions


More information: network.icom.museum/icmah/


Tools and manufactured objects now have a status of collections, preserved in museums, restored, and exhibited in the same way as paintings, sculptures, and works of art. Technical museums, public and private, highlight them as science museum, museums of transport, water, chemistry, etc.


Among them, the museums of private companies are numerousand diverse. Some expose their history, keep the archives, open to researchers, others showcase their business and become more ad-vertising museums. Some examples are limited to a single "shop" of objects derived from the company or even just the shop of the company. Service companies, such as banks, design or architecture/construction, or computer software creators and many others are also creating their museums with interpretive spaces for teaching purposes. Finally, some companies invest museums not only with the collections specific to their institutional histories but also by other museum forms that they finance in the name of the culture of the companies, to diffuse the visibility of their names.


Faced with the emergence of these corporate museums, their multiplication and diversity in the world, many questions arise: what is the status of these collections, their nature and their future? Are they preserved and restored, enriched? What type of building houses these collections? What programs and museological and museographical visions are retained? These issues of economic and social history have transformed people and landscapes and developed new living heritage, already disappearing or transforming: ICMAH intends to make it the subject of its annual conference which will be held from 10 to 12 October 2018 in Istanbul.


The topics will be the history of the companies, the typologies, the constitution and the conservation of the collections, the transmission of the know-how, the impacts on the company and the territory, the stakes of the professionalization. For this occasion, you are invited to participate with or without a presentation to share the professional discussions in Istanbul with ICMAH.


Myriame Morel Deledalle
Chair of ICMAH