A culture of diversity: Underrepresented and vulnerable groups in a museum environment

15. Oktober 2020 - 17. Oktober 2020, Typhlological Museum, Zagreb

The rapid social and technological changes are significantly affecting and modifying the museum activity. The role and mission of the museum in the contemporary environment implies adaptation to the needs of a wide range of users, but also a return to the cultural impact on society. Through its programs, the Typhlological Museum promotes and supports dialogue, a positive attitude towards diversity - especially towards people with disabilities - and social and emotional well-being as a goal that the whole society should strive for. Through its activities, the museum space becomes a place of multi-sensory experience, learning and socializing, and thus becomes a meeting place for different groups of users.

For this reason, we have decided to organize at the Typhlological Museum an international scientific conference titled A culture of diversity: Underrepresented and vulnerable groups in a museum environment. The topic, articulated in this manner, emphasizes the importance of museums in contemporary society as a place of open dialogue and interaction, a place that connects diverse audiences and draws attention to the problems of persons with disabilities, as well as to discrimination, violence, poverty, xenophobia and other current problems in society.


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