Connected Audience Conference 2019

4. April 2019 - 6. April 2019, Berlin, Deutschland


Conference registration is now open for the Connected Audience Conference 2019 on EMOTIONS.


This conference is for:
•    Museum directors
•    Managers of cultural institutions
•    Academics and specialists in the field of psychology/emotions
•    Museum designers and interpretive planers
•    Educators
•    Visitor Services staff
•    Museum curators
•    Marketers
•    Audience researchers
•    Professionals from other cultural institutions

This 2.5-day event at the Kulturforum in Berlin will provide inspiring discussions and reflections on the role emotions play in museum and cultural experiences, presenting the best of current research and applied practices.

The conference is a collaborative project between KulturAgenda Institute for Museums, Cultural Enterprises and Audiences, The Institute for Learning Innovation and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Using a combination of presentations, small-group workshops and panel discussions this conference will enable participants to learn new approaches and ideas and engage in lively, interactive exchanges of best practice with colleagues from a wide variety of disciplines. Participants will have the opportunity to both contribute and learn about topics such as:


•    Creating awe, wonder and empathy in museum and cultural experiences
•    The role of emotion in visitor engagement and visitor satisfaction
•    Emotion as the driver of decision-making and its potential for programming and marketing


The following high-profile experts have already confirmed their attendance: John Falk (Institute for Learning Innovation, US), Maria Gendron (Yale University, US) and Lisa Feldman Barret (Northeastern University, US), Kay Voges (Theater Dortmund, GER), Sheila Watson (Leicester University, UK), Martin Tröndle (Zeppelin University, GER), Lisa Baxter (UK), and Phillippe Brasseur (BE).


For further information on the programme and how to register please visit our website www.kulturagenda.at