Events im 27 September 2018

ICOM CECA Annual Conference » What does cultural action mean to you? «

24. September 2018 - 27. September 2018, Tiflis, Georgien
CECA’s name brings together two core components of a museum: education and cultural action. This conference has aim to discuss what does the

GLASS - Annual Meeting 2018

24. September 2018 - 29. September 2018, St Petersbourg, Russia
ICOM INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS OF GLASS Theme : Glass museums and collections in Russia More information: network.icom.

FIHRM 2018 - Contemporary Collections: Contested and Powerful

25. September 2018 - 28. September 2018, Winnipeg. Canada
In cooperation with the Canadian Museum For Human Rights, COMCOL: ICOM International Committee for Collecting and the City of Human Rights Education

XXI NKF Congress – Cultural heritage facing catastrophe: prevention and recoveries

26. September 2018 - 28. September 2018, Reykjavík, Iceland
The Icelandic section of the Nordic Association of Conservators is pleased to announce the XXI NKF Congress – Cultural heritage facing

THE BEST IN HERITAGE 2018 - Projects of Influence

26. September 2018 - 28. September 2018, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Out of some 300 prize-winners from 45 award schemes, the Best in Heritage Advisory Board approved a selection of the most innovative and advanced